Short Bio

My name is Brigit R Sheehy. I enjoy creating unique acrylic paintings. I hope you enjoy my artwork!


I love to create art that bends the mind, and makes you think differently about the colors in front of you. I enjoy creating art that makes you turn your head sideways, look upside-down, and squint to see what the true meaning of the artwork is. My artwork portrays a side of fantasy that is true to my heart, with themes of space and bending time. 


Brigit R Sheehy is an up and coming artists based in Charlotte, NC. Since a child, she enjoyed drawing and painting and hanging these arts all around her room. Cultivating a style for herself, she created a unique style blending fantasy and realistic touches. She loves to create artwork that bends the mind and makes you think: Why? How? What is it? and Where does it end? She enjoys to create with all mediums, but is particular to acrylic on canvas. Brigit truly loves creating art, and hopes you enjoy all that her art has to offer!